This show was performed April 24 - April 26

The Sock Who
Lost His Mate

Book & Lyrics by MK Wolfe
Music by Thomas Adams

Insecure Sock, Left, undertakes a thrilling quest to rescue his mate Right and liberate all the socks who have gone missing on laundry day, with a little help from some unexpected friends.

This show was performed May 1 - May 3.

Sue Ology & the (Possibly) Haunted House

Book by Shawn Thorgersen
Music and Lyrics by Matthew W. Surico

Join Sue Ology and friends in a musical mystery at her new—and possibly haunted—house! It’ll take all of Sue’s science smarts to discover the house's spooktacular secret!

This show was performed May 8 - May 10.

Help Save the Monkey!
a new puppet adventure

May 8 - 10, 2015

Friday, May 8 at 5 pm
Saturday, May 9 at 11 am & 2 pm
Sunday, May 10 at 2 pm

Created by
Liz Hara & Marta Mozelle MacRostie

8-year-old Howard and 80-year-old Lillian must rush to save her monkey who is about to land from space. Despite set-backs, anxieties, and lasers, their friendship carries them through this epic adventure.

This show was performed May 15- May 17

The Meanest Birthday Girl

May 15 - 17, 2015

Friday, May 15 at 5 pm
Saturday, May 16 at 11 am & 2 pm
Sunday, May 17 at 2 pm

Produced by Musical Theatre Factory
Book & Lyrics by Lauren Marcus
Music by Leah Okimoto
Based on the book by Josh Schneider

It's Dana's birthday, and she's gonna do whatever she likes! But when one very big present starts to cause some very big problems, it's time for her to rethink her birthday behavior…

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